All details of Mid Day Meal Scheme 2022 and Updates

Mid Day Meal Scheme

All details of Mid Day Meal Scheme 2022

Mid Day Meal Scheme: Due to poor economic conditions, many children still have to live in difficult conditions. Which directly affects their education, as a result, many children are unable to go to school. But for the last few decades, under the Mid Day Meal Scheme in various states of the country, efforts are being made by the government to provide education opportunities to poor and economically backward students as well. Today in this article we will tell you what is the Mid Day Meal Scheme? Why was it started? And will give all the information related to it.

What is Mid Day Meal Yojana?

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The Mid-Day Meal Scheme is designed to promote health as well as education in India. Under the Mid-Day Meal Scheme, mid-day meals are provided in government schools. By providing mid-day meals, the government motivates children to attend school regularly as well as try to prevent the spread of malnutrition among children by providing them with healthy food. Under Mid Day Meal, different types of food are given to the children in the diet.

Mid Day Meal Scheme

Taking care of the nutrition of poor children who study in government schools, the government has released this scheme. Along with releasing the scheme, the government has also issued a talk of transferring money to the children in their bank accounts to give direct benefits, which has been accepted by the central government. Under this scheme, 11 crore 80 lakh students will be benefited. The government has also made it clear that only children from class 1 to 8 will be included under this scheme. To run this scheme all over India, the central government and the state government together have prepared a budget of Rs 200 crore. Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has also displayed his opinion in this regard and said that the consumption of milk will also be promoted under this scheme.

Why was the Mid Day Meal Scheme launched- when was the Mid Day Meal Scheme program started?

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The Convention on the Rights of the Child is a treaty under which the rights of children are protected. Many countries are involved in this treaty and our country is also included in it. There is a lot of problem of malnutrition among poor children in India, due to this, in order to provide nutrition to the children, the Indian government has issued this scheme in the year 2013 under the National Food Security Act. The Mid Day Meal Program was first started in 1995. Under this program, mid-day meal facility was provided in the first two thousand blocks. When this program became a good success, then in the year 2004, this program was implemented in schools all over India.

Features of Mid Day Meal Scheme

By implementing the Mid Day Meal Scheme, the government wants to fulfill the following objective

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  • Better development of children’s body

Even today many people in the population of the country live below the poverty line, due to which they are not able to get even two times of bread, due to which the body is not able to develop properly, but after this scheme, the government helps in the development of children. will be able to provide

  • more and more children come to school

Another valuable objective of the government behind implementing this scheme is that the government wants to motivate the children to come to school under this scheme so that hunger does not hinder their education and development.

  • providing food especially to poor children

Under this scheme, the government provides food to two children during the school days but during the summer holidays when the school is closed then the children studying in the dry areas are given food.

Mid Day Meal Scheme New Update

Through the Mid Day Meal Yojana launched through the central government, money will be sent to the children of the country as assistance through direct benefit transfer. Under this scheme, Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank has approved a scheme to fund the cooking cost for all eligible children through a special welfare measure called Mid-Day Meal Scheme. The Central Government has announced to provide cash funds to 11.8 crore students through DBT for this scheme, through this the Mid Day Meal Scheme will be promoted. Under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana of the Government of India, 5 kg of free food grains will be given every month to about 80 crore beneficiaries, if you want to get more information related to the Mid Day Meal Scheme, then you can visit the official website of this scheme. can go.

Mid Day Meal Scheme Eligibility Rules

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  • Only those people who have all these eligibility can get the benefit of this scheme.
  • Only girl students of class I to class VIII can get benefits under Mid Day Meal Scheme.
    Only students studying in government schools will be able to get the benefit of Mid Day Meal Scheme.
    All the students studying in primary and second primary classes will be able to be a part of this program.

Mid Day Meal Scheme Guidelines

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Some guidelines have also been issued for all the schools where the Mid Day Meal Scheme has been implemented, which is the responsibility of every school to follow. The information about the guidelines to be followed in these schools is given below

  • The first guideline – Under the Mid Day Meal Scheme, the food provided in the school will have to be prepared in the kitchen only. Schools which do not have kitchen facilities. They will not be included under this scheme.
  • The second guideline – The school will also have to see that there is no class of children running near the kitchen. Because it can cause problems for the child.
  • Third guideline – The fuels that are used while cooking food in the school. Those fuels should be kept in a safe place so that children do not reach there.
  • Fourth guideline – Whatever food will be prepared under the Mid Day Meal Scheme. They should be made clean and safe so that children get nutritious food.
  • Fifth guideline – The food which will be given to the children under the mid-day meal. It should be made from good grains and vegetables. Giving spoiled food can have a bad effect on children.
  • Sixth guideline – The vegetables and grains that are used under the mid-day meal should be kept in a clean place.
  • Seventh guideline – When food is prepared for the mid-day meal in the school, two to three people will do the first trial of it. Out of which it is very important to have 1 teacher.
  • Eighth guideline – The way the food will be prepared in the school, it is necessary to distribute the food to the children in the same way.

Mid-day meal plan food nutrients

  • The government has also issued some guidelines regarding the food provided under this scheme –
  • The government has clearly issued a guideline for schools that it is necessary to have 450 calories and 12 grams of protein in the food of children from classes 1 to 5.
  • For children of classes VI to VIII, a meal should be prepared which should contain at least 700 grams of calories and 20 grams of protein.

Mid Day Meal Yojana Meal Table

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  • amount of grain
  • Rice / Wheat 100 grams for primary classes 150 grams for secondary classes
  • Pulses 20 grams for primary classes 30 grams for secondary classes
  • Vegetables 50 grams for primary classes 75 grams for secondary classes
  • Oils and fats 5 grams for primary class 7.5 grams for secondary class
  • Children from classes 1 to 5 are included in the primary class and children from classes VI to VIII are included in the secondary class.

Benefits of Mid Day Meal Scheme

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  • By reading this article, you must have understood the benefits of Mid Day Meal Scheme because the benefits of this scheme are hidden in its purpose.
  • Providing good food to kids! Encouraging kids to come to school! Reducing the problem of nutrition prevailing in the country is the biggest benefit of the Mid Day Meal Scheme.

Loss of Mid Day Meal (Drawback)

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  • Where many benefits have been provided under the Mid Day Meal Scheme. At the same time, many people are using this scheme in a very wrong way and giving rise to corruption and scam.
  • Low quality food is provided in many schools which are included in the Mid Day Meal Scheme. Due to which the health of the children also deteriorates many times, this is the biggest disadvantage of the Mead Day Meal Scheme.
  • Not only this, most of the money that is given to the schools under this scheme, the schools keep in their pockets and the remaining money is used to prepare food. Due to which the problem of corruption is increasing in the country.

Budget of Mid Day Meal Scheme

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  • Perhaps you will be aware that every year while preparing the 5-year plan, the government also prepares the budget for the mid-day meal scheme. So far, many five year plans have been issued, their information is shown below –
  • A budget amount of Rs 9 billion has been fixed in this five year plan to be released by the government.
  • Whereas in the 12th Five Year Plan, the government had made a budget of Rs 901.55 billion to support the mid-day meal scheme.
  • As it can be seen that the budget amount on the Mid Day Meal Scheme is very high, that is why both the Central Government and the State Government will divide this amount among themselves. In which the central government has to give 60% of the budget while the state government has to give 40% of the budget.
  • Apart from this, the government has clarified many other things for the mid-day meal budget, such as under this scheme, the central government will provide food and grains, while the state government will do the work of food distribution along with preparing food, which means that the state government will have to Just take care of the labor.

Ministry of Mid Day Meal Planning

The Mid Day Meal Scheme is being run in our country by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. Guidelines related to this scheme have been made by this ministry itself, as well as many such committees have been formed by this ministry which will work to make this scheme better.

Committee formed in every state

There should not be any kind of scam and negligence regarding the Mid Day Meal Scheme. Therefore, the Ministry of Human Resource Development has constituted several committees. Some of which committees will monitor this scheme at the national level. Along with this, other states will see the work of this scheme at district, city, block, village and school level and will also ensure that the right kind of food is being given to the children in every school of the country or not.

National Level Committee

The National Level Empowered Committee, National Level Steering-cum-Monitoring Committee (NSMC) and Program Approval Board (PAB) will monitor the scheme. This committee is directly headed by the Minister of Human Resource Development.

State level

The State Level Steering-cum-Monitoring Committee at the State level monitors this scheme. This committee works under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary of the state.

At district level

A committee has been constituted in each district of each state to monitor this scheme. The District Level Committee of every district ensures that all the benefited children within their district level are given good food under this scheme in the school. The District Level Committee is headed by a senior member of the Lok Sabha.

At the local level

At the local level, members of Village Education Committees (VECs), Gram Panchayats or members of the Village, Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs), School Management Committees (SMCs) regularly oversee the work of the scheme.

Joint review mission

Apart from the committees formed for the operation of this scheme, Joint Review Mission (JRM) also works to make this scheme more better. The members of the JRM constituted by the Center are academics and nutritionists. Those who review this scheme from time to time by visiting all the regional schools, they review the food of the state’s school. Therefore, the state in which the school is located. This committee shares the details of the review of food with that state government.

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