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Information About Bonafide Certificate Form:

The Bonafide certificate download form is the certificate from which this address is found, That a person belongs to that organization. And this certificate is issued by an organization. The Certificate which is an educational institution, issues this certificate to its students. Apart from this, whatever companies are there, they can issue this certificate to their employees. This certificate is required for a person to apply for employment. In addition, a student is also required to apply for an education loan. If anyone wants to apply for a visa, a bonafide certificate download form will also be required in that case.

Bonafide Certificate Meaning

  • You might be living in a different world if you never heard of the term ‘Bonafide Certificate’.
  • So, what is a bonafide certificate also commonly known as a bonafide application or letter?
  • At some point or the other in our lives, we were asked to present, receive, or apply for the bonafide certificate especially if you were studying in a particular institution.
  • The bonafide application is nothing but a written proof that you belonged to a certain institution at some point and has no negative intentions with the same.
  • The certificate serves as valid proof of our identity at a workplace or an institution when we want to move, or want to complete our studies abroad.
  • It is a mandatory certificate that has to be submitted when you apply for a new position at a workplace or any kind of institution. The term ‘Bonafide’ can be translated to ‘in good faith’, which comes from Latin.
  • Basically, it serves as proof that you worked or studied at a particular institution or were associated with an organization.

Uses of a Bonafide Certificate

Since the bonafide certificate acts as proof of being part of an organization, it is usually demanded in the following cases:

  • A student seeking to obtain student concessions offered by public transport agencies such as city buses, local trains, and metros may be required to produce this certificate while applying for the concession.
  • The certificate may also be required while applying for a passport.
  • Visa applications sometimes require this certificate, especially in cases where a separate student visa is issued to students who are studying abroad or where a work visa is issued to an employee of a company.
  • Certain lending institutions offer loans to students at concessional rates. The student may be required to produce this certificate to receive this benefit.
  • The documents produced before various traffic authorities to apply for a driving license may include a bonafide certificate as additional ID proof.
  • Certain conferences, seminars, or other such events are conducted exclusively for students/employees, and entry to such events may be granted on production of this certificate.
  • To apply for various student scholarships.
  • Corporates may have tie-ups with businesses to provide additional perquisites. For example, a company may have a tie-up with a taxi service to provide a concession for their employees. The employees may prove their eligibility with the help of this certificate.

Application for Bonafide Certificate

Now that you are aware of its meaning and when it is required, let us understand its content and application process. To begin, you must first make an application to the head of the institution/organisation you want this certificate from. Though the essentials of an application for a Bonafide Certificate may vary as per the purpose, some places already have a prescribed format and in cases where there is no application form, the individual is generally asked to write a letter instead. 

Bonafide Certificate Format :-

The Bonfiday Certificate is a formal certificate that you may stumble across during the admissions process. Its format varies according to the purpose it is intended for, and you may need one. Bonfiday Certificate It differs for students and staff, as they both require the document to serve different purposes. Thus here is the format for students as well as employees. Bonafide certificate format:-

Bonafide Certificate For Students– (School bonafide certificate format)

Bonafide Certificate For Employees

The following uses of Bonafide Certificate Download Form:

  • Bonafide Certificate for students:
  • Used for applying “educational loan.”
  • Through this, students can participate in “a seminar,   workshops, conferences” etc. in other colleges.
  • Students from Bonafide Certificate can visit an “industry for the project.”
  • With this certificate, students can avail “travel concessions.”
  • You can apply for “passport from” Bonafide Certificate.
  • Students will get the same help for “visa extension.”
  • Students can join it in “public library.”
  • Get Bonafide Certificate Form for student and employee and download Bonafide Certificate Form for student and employee in the last of this post

Where can employees use the Bonafide Certificate?

  • Employees can use it to open an account with a bank.
  • Employers can also use it for the purpose of taking a loan from the bank.
  • Get Bonafide Certificate Form for employees and download Bonafide Certificate Form for employees in the last of this post

Documents required for Student Bonafide certificate download:

 Documents Required For Students: Students’ application will be applied. The most important thing is that the student has to submit the fee receipt. The most important thing is that the student has to submit the fee receipt. Get Bonafide Certificate Form for student and download Bonafide Certificate Form for student in the last of this post

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Documents required for Employee Bonafide Certificate download:

Documents Required For Employees:   Employee must submit a copy of their ID card.  Along with this, a copy of your payslip will also have to be submitted. Get Bonafide Certificate Form for employees and download Bonafide Certificate Form for employees in the last of this post

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 Some information of Bonafide Certificate:

  • In the certificate, you have written the student’s school name, all the information of the students, their admission number etc.
  •  In which an employee’s Bonafide certificate is issued, And inside that certificate, information such as the name of the employee’s company, the position of employees with the company, etc will be written. Sometimes some such cases are also seen. In which the date of birth is written on the certificate.
  • You can get the bonafide certificate download link in this post

Bonafide Certificate for Students:

  • In order for the student to get his Bonafide Certificate, firstly the Head employee of an institution must apply in writing.
  • There are some institutes in which students are required to apply in a predetermined format.
  • Students who are first-year and direct second year will be required to leave the pre-college certificate along with the application form.
  • You will see a sample copy of Students request letter below.

Bonafide Certificate Download for Students:

Bonafide Certificate download for Pre and Post Matric Students Format 1:


Bonafide Certificate download for Pre and Post Matric Students Format 2 :-


Bonafide Certificate form for Employees:

  • If a Certificate is issue by an employee. And inside that certificate, information such as the name of the employee’s company, the position of employees with the company, etc. will be written. Sometimes some cases are also detected. In which the date of birth is written on the certificate.
  • This is a request letter to a person associated with a company to apply for this certificate.
  • You will see a sample copy of an employee bonafide request letter below.

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Bonafide Certificate download for employees :

How To Fill Online Form

Bonafide Certificate for Collage

If applying for one from your college, you have two options, you can either ask your university to provide you an application form or follow a common application format . Here is the application format:

Bonafide Application for Passport

If you are applying for your passport, then you may need to show this proof. That you are studying or studying in a particular institution, apart from that you are employees of any organization. To draft your application to ask for passport you can follow the application format.

Application for Bonafide Certificate for Internship/Apprenticeship

If you are applying for internship or apprenticeship, then you will also need a genuine certificate to validate that college or institute. in which they are studying. Here is the application.

Bonafide Application for Aadhar Card

If you are applying for aadhar card, then you will also need it as residence proof or student id, to write an application for a genuine certificate for aadhar card,

First and foremost, it is usually written by the student requesting the principal or director of his college to issue this certificate. So, take a look at the application format to get one for your child’s Aadhar card application.

Bonafide Certificate Application

First of all you have to make an application to the head of the institution/organization from which you want to get this certificate. The requirement of applying for a genuine certificate may vary according to the purpose.

Additionally some places already have a prescribed format and in cases where there is no application form, the person is usually asked to write a letter instead.

Bonafide Student Application

Bonafide student refers to a person enrolled in a recognized school, college or university or a student of a state-run technical college or institution for a sufficient period of time as well as for a certain number of classes and subjects in an educational institution so that they are deemed Can you As a full time regular student by the institution. An actual student may also be a student of an off-campus college work-study course or academic program at a proprietary institution of higher education, as amended in section 102(b) of the Higher Education Act 1965. Also, a genuine student may be less than a full time student if they are working as a full time employee in a recognized organization.

In addition, any genuine student is permitted to do so during recess that may be between academic sessions, such as summer vacation. In addition, universities and colleges are also allowed to appoint their own full-time students as well as part-time students as genuine students.

To obtain a student bonafide certificate, you must contact the administrative department of your institution. You will have to apply in writing to the head of the institution, requesting them to issue the certificate to you. To submit the application, you need to attach the following documents:

  • Photocopy of your ID card
  • Application Form
  • fee receipt

Each institution may have its own format for this certificate. It mainly consists of the details like the name of the institution printed on the letterhead, date of issue, details of the applicant and the signature of the head of the institution.

Thus, the following format is provided as an example of what the application would look like.

Bonafide Application For Employees

If this certificate is issued to an employee, it should contain the prospect’s contact information, their job profile and employer details. In some cases, the date of birth of the employee may also be provided in the certificate depending on the nature of the document and its requirement. The required documents to be submitted by you are as follows

  • copy of payslip
  • copy of employee id card
  • date of birth certificate (optional)

You must send a letter addressed to the head of your department or organization for the company to issue this certificate. Here is a sample:

Bonafide Certificate form Issue:

  • This printed letters of this organization are issue on the head. Also, it is duly signed and stamped.
  • If you want to apply for education loan within the certificate, so it is necessary to have a fee structure.
  • You will see a sample copy of bonafide request letter below.

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Bonafide Certificate Issue

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